Trailer Talk PICNIC Ed Wesely, Dreaming of Super Well Pads Galore...!

Ed Wesely of the Butterfly Barn in Milanville, PA joins Sabrina at the kitchen table of Trailer Talk and breaks into a spontaneous acappella song about the "invasion happening in his neighborhood" in the Delaware River Basin as landsmen and exploratory natural gas drilling wells try to get a foothold. The PICNIC is an event where Sabrina shares produce from the Foodshed threatened by gas drilling which would turn the agricultural region into an industrial one. Do you know where your food comes from and how important fresh water is for supporting locally grown foods, for maintaining security and economic growth? Sabrina is joined by people who share the homemade foods and talk about water, their community and how it feels to live where what is below our feet is wanted by the gas corporations.

Thanks Ed for bringing comic relief to the day as your voice sang out of the little BeeLine at the Callicoon Farmers Market on November 7, 2010 at the Callicoon Creek Park in Callicoon, NY.


Trailer Talk Trout Parade, A Seahorse Visits

A Seahorse in the trailer! Well a Seahorse on stilts, shares a message via artist, actress and artistic director of the NACL (North American Cultural Laboratory) Theatre in Highland Lake, NY when Tannis Kowalchuk joins Sabrina at the 7th Annual Trout Parade in Livingston Manor, NY on June 6, 2010, for a conversation about the role of the artist, gas drilling in the Delaware River Valley region and the Catskills as Tannis talks about the imagination, a celebration of the extraordinary and service to society.


Talk Talk: Melinda DiMaio Sings, "No Fracking Way"

Singer songwriter Melinda DiMaio joins Sabrina at the kitchen table of the little BeeLine trailer at the PICNIC in Park Slope Brooklyn. Melinda wrote the song for the Trailer Talk event and talked about first learning about gas drilling and fracking in New York in Rosendale a town near her home in New Paltz, NY.

Guests shared homemade foods from upstate farmers and producers and learned where their food comes from and the importance of protecting farmlands and our water resources.The Beeline trailer was parked in front of the Park Slope Coop on Union Avenue on October 30, 2010.

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Trailer Talk on CNN
Summer 2006

Sabrina Artel (along with her classy Bee-Line trailer), was featured on CNN during the summer of 2006. The piece was filmed at Bethel Woods' Harvest Festival in Bethel, New York.


Trailer Talk Julie and Craig Sautner, What the Frack?

Messengers, Julie and Craig Sautner from Carter Road in Dimock, PA. join Trailer Talk to speak about living in the gas fields at the Catskill Mountainkeeper Barnfest in Beaverkill, N.Y. Where are their rights when they have lost their water, their rural community and much more at hands of the oil and gas companies that are Fracking for Natural Gas in Susquehanna County.


Trailer Talk Mark Ruffalo Drilling Isn't Safe

Actor Mark Ruffalo and his wife Sunrise join Trailer Talk in Bethel, N.Y. to speak about protecting the Catskills and stopping un-safe Natural Gas Drilling. Mark joins members of his community in the Sullivan County Catskills in the fight to stop Fracking and un-safe Natural Gas Drilling from destroying all that he and his family value about their home in upstate, N.Y. including the farmland, the rural community, neighborhood, fresh water and clean air. Sabrina and Mark also talk about the role of the artist and how his acting connects to the action he is taking.


Trailer Talk Bill McKibben EAARTH and Climate Change

Bill McKibben, environmentalist joins Trailer Talk to speak about his book, EAARTH at the Catskill Mountainkeeper Barnfest in Beaverkill, N.Y. It scared the pants off of me(informed) and reminded me that building a local economy is essential while building a global movement to get off of fossil fuels and stop the powerful energy corporations from destroying our home(the planet and our neighborhoods). Grab a shot of whisky or a cup of soothing tea before sitting down to read this alarming book.

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  Sabrina Artel's Trailer Talk: Live on the Road

A short home movie of Trailer Talk on the road featuring a collage of a few of the many guests interviewed for 'Trailer Talk.'

Trailer Talk Marriage Equality Maine

Sabrina travels to Bangor Maine and speaks with volunteers at the No on 9 Campaign headquarters the day before the Same Sex Marriage vote. This episode first broadcast on GRITtv with Laura Flanders.


Sabrina Artel on GRITtv

Will natural gas solve our energy problems? The oil and gas industry has been making their case that natural gas is a clean alternative to fossil fuels, that it will reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and create jobs. What the industry doesn't mention is the highly controversial practice required to extract the oil known as hydraulic fracturing.

GRITtv producer, Laura Flanders, speaks with Trailer Talk's Sabrina Artel along with filmmaker Josh Fox, EarthJustice Managing Attorney Deborah Goldberg, and Natural Resources Defense Council Attorney Kate Sinding on why hydraulic fracturing poses a real threat to water supplies in the United States and the New York city watershed in particular.

GRITtv with Laura Flanders airs Mon-Thurs, at 8pm & 1 am ET, on Free Speech TV (DISH Network ch. 9415), on public stations and online at www.grittv.org and www.firedoglake.com/lauraflanders


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